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  1. Paula's Bread DVD - "Basic Bread Making"

    Paula's Bread DVD - "Basic Bread Making"


    • Information on grain grinders
    • How to use your L'Equip NutriMill!
    • Nutrition
    • Learn how to make bread, cinnamon rolls, mock rye bread, pull aparts, pizza.. all with one basic bread recipe!
    And much more! Learn More
  2. Bosch "Sensible Cooking" Cookbook

    Bosch "Sensible Cooking" Cookbook


    Sensible Cooking is the brand-new Bosch cookbook. It features more than 80 convenient, award-winning recipes developed over many years by Bosch Kitchen Machine experts. 2007. Paperback, 80 pages. Learn More
  3. "Shelly's Breads" Cookbook for the Bosch Kitchen Center

    "Shelly's Breads" Cookbook for the Bosch Kitchen Center


    Thousands of families have purchased this unique cookbook written especially for the Bosch Kitchen Center. It has thorough, step-by-step directions to make perfect bread in your Bosch, and it is full of tips for making breads. Includes Shelly's Honey Whole Wheat Bread recipe, and then gives you 26 optional products to make out of the basic bread dough. Included are 47 bread recipes, using all of the varieties of grains, and a variety of ingredients. Cinnabon frosting recipe included. Learn More
  4. Xagave Cookbook "Delicious is Nutritious" - for Cooking with Agave

    Xagave Cookbook "Delicious is Nutritious" - for Cooking with Agave


    This is the most extensive cookbook dedicated to cooking with agave on the market. This beautiful, full-color, 129-page, easy to use book contains everything from full meals to appetizers to desserts, sauces, salad dressings, quick breads, beverages and much more. In addition, it contains an extensive overview of the health benefits and cooking properties of agave. This is a must have, life changing cookbook for anyone that is desirous of lowering their caloric intake and improving their health. Xagave is a wonderful sweetener and food that will help you achieve your health goals, whether it be weight loss, improved digestion, more energy or enhanced immune system. There is a difference in agave nectar and not all are created equal. The following should give you a quick overview and understanding of why Xagave is so special and different from anything on the market. We believe that it should be the only sweetener in your diet. We are 100% confident that you will taste and feel the Xagave difference. Here are a few facts to help you understand the Xagave difference. Premium Blend. Xagave is a unique and special blend of the nectars derived from Agave Tequiliana (Blue Agave) and Agave Salmiana (White Agave) plants. This proprietary, premium blend provides the best tasting, best cooking qualities, most versatile and healthiest product on the market. No other product has the same concentration of calcium and inulin and Xagave is the only product on the market with a standardized inulin content. Once you have tasted and cooked with Xagave, we are sure that you will agree that Xagave is truly something special and that no other brand can compare. Organically Grown. Xagave is derived from the agave plant, which takes about 7 to 8 years to mature. The plants used to make the nectar for Xagave are grown under strict guidelines that meet USDA organic certification requirements. The farms and processing facility are part of a co-op of 700 farmers—we purchase our nectar from farmers that we know—not in the open market and we believe in fair trade and pay a fair price for the product. We know where our agave comes from and who grows it and the standards utilized. Low Glycemic Index. Xagave is a very low GI food. Xagave, a low glycemic index food (approximately 30 to 35), does not raise your blood sugar levels and, in fact, the inulin (a soluble fiber), helps to further moderate it. We recommend that you check with your doctor, but a significant number of our diabetic clients have noticed that the consumption of Xagave does not have a significant impact on blood sugar levels and love how they feel after consuming the delicious foods made with Xagave. Learn More
  5. Sue Gregg's "Holiday Menus" Cookbook

    Sue Gregg's "Holiday Menus" Cookbook


    With this cookbook, you'll be able to offer lighter, healthier foods for your special occasions and holiday dinners—without the use of white sugar‚ white flour‚ or hydrogenated vegetable shortening. Serve healthier holiday foods without calling attention to the "healthy." Contents include Thanksgiving and Christmas menus‚ with ideas for a Holiday Waffle Bar‚ Passover Seder‚ Crowd Pleasing Menus‚ Holiday Company Menus and more. Learn More
  6. Sue Gregg's "Breakfasts" Cookbook

    Sue Gregg's "Breakfasts... with Blender Batter Baking & Allergy Alternatives" Cookbook


    Breakfasts... with Blender Batter Baking & Allergy Alternatives presents incredibly easy whole grain blender batters for light 'n' tender waffles & pancakes, coffee cakes, muffins, and crepes. Recipes for kamut and spelt, allergy alternative grains. Cinnamon rolls, banana smoothie, cereals, egg variations, fruit dishes, toppings. Alternatives for dairy and egg allergies. Ideas for teaching children. Some recipes so filling you will serve them for dinner. Index, 316 pages. THIS IS A MUST-HAVE BOOK FOR WHOLE GRAIN BREAKFASTS. Book is worth its weight in gold. Learn More
  7. Sue Gregg's "Main Dishes" Cookbook

    Sue Gregg's "Main Dishes" Cookbook


    Main Dishes includes 270 recipes and 140 menus at an average cost of about $1.60 per meal. 52 low-budget meals average $1.10. 58 low-fat meals average 20% fat (of calories). Learn More
  8. Sue Gregg's "Meals in Minutes" Cookbook

    Sue Gregg's "Meals in Minutes" Cookbook


    Meals in Minutes, a whole foods, cost-saving convenience cookbook for singles as well as families. Cook once a month or once a week to fill your freezer with 26 low-fat/ high-fiber, ready-to-serve meals in minutes when time and energy are short. Enjoy variety with chicken, fish, ground turkey, bean and vegetarian recipes. Shopping and assembly lists. Index, 94 pages. The first edition of this book was titled Casseroles. Learn More
  9. Sue Gregg's "Soups & Muffins"

    Sue Gregg's "Soups & Muffins" Cookbook


    Soups & Muffins is the easiest way to get whole grain variety. 36 muffin and bread recipes made from 12 grains with alternatives for wheat & dairy allergies. 27 favorite soup recipes nutritionally improved. Includes a variety of tomato, dairy, and broth-based soups. Combination menus save $$. Index, 102 pages. Learn More
  10. Sue Gregg's "Lunches & Snacks"

    Sue Gregg's "Lunches & Snacks" Cookbook


    Lunches & Snacks... with Lessons for Children includes a special 75-page insert that guides young cooks in preparing beverages, breads, crackers, chips, sandwiches, soups, spreads and dips from setup to cleanup. Recipes written by-the-numbers avoid confusion. Nutrition quizzes for discussion. Children learn to master basic food preparation skills along with the nutritional why's. Index, 168 pages. Learn More

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