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Small Kitchen Appliances

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  1. L'Equip Coffee Grinder / Seed Mill

    L'Equip Coffee Grinder / Seed Mill

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    Sleek, white, ergonomic coffee grinder and seed mill is easy to use. The slanted grinding chamber gives you consistent results, even with the smallest seeds. Grind from coarse to fine with one button control to provide purest aromatic results. Easy to clean.

    Wondering what you can mill in this machine?
    You can mill most anything: Coffee, spices, seeds, legumes, etc. Just remember that this is made to mill small quantities. Also, it's made for short bursts and is not intended for milling a large quantity or for continuous use.
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  2. L'Equip RPM Blender

    L'Equip RPM Blender


    The newest blender to the L'EQUIP family performs as well as the best blenders on the market for less money. A Revolutionary Performance Machine, this is a combination of a blender and a race car! Built to handle the toughest jobs. Returns Perfect Mixtures. As seen on Good Eats!

    What makes this blender stand alone is the blender pitcher's indentations that create a blending vortex that pulls food down into the blender blades. This blender pitcher shape combined with its powerful blade action, creates a tremendous tornado-like action for rapid circulation. You will have the best blending, chopping and pureeing you will ever want! The dial in the center of the base is an actual analog tachometer that reads out RPM's (revolutions per minute) just like the tach in every racing vehicle. Pretty cool to watch!
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  3. Grand Tortilla Press

    Grand Tortilla Press


    Out of stock

    It’s easy to press & bake fresh, healthy flatbreads at home. This Tortilla Press makes a large size wrap to hold plenty of your favorite fillings. With a giant 10 inch diameter cooking plate, our Tortilla Press makes an up to 40% larger flatbread than comparable models. The appliance is a 1200 Watt, UL-listed, 110 volt product. It is equipped with 2 easy-clean non-stick plates with an ergonomic chromed steel housing and a cool touch handle. It has a ready light to indicate when to start baking after the desired temperature has reached. It is also equipped with a temperature control thermostat to regulate the heat on the non-stick cooking plates, this features allows you to make your tortilla soft, medium or crispier. The appliance comes with convenient electric cord storage and stands on one end for space saving on your kitchen counter and easy storage. This product comes with recipe booklet and a one-year limited warranty. It is ideal for making tortillas, rotis, and flat breads.

    This is a fabulous tortilla press. You will be able to make fast, healthy tortillas. We love them!
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  4. L'Equip Mini Coffee & Seed Mill

    Nutrimill Mini


    Grind coffee beans and any other oily seeds or grains that cannot be milled with the L'Equip Nutri Mill Classic. Coarse meal to fine pastry flour!
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Push/Pulse Operation
    • Stainless steel milling bowl
    • 1/4 cup capacity
    This new L'Equip Nutri Mini Mill grinder is great for small batches of seeds, herbs, spices, or coffee beans. This solves the problem of grinding the oily seeds like flax that the larger L'Equip Nutri Mill Grain grinder cannot grind. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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