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We're creating an archive of our newsletters from July 2009 forward, and adding the links here. Check them out for useful recipes and household tips. And to receive our latest email—which contains information on our current promotions and seasonal recipes and ideas—click here to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter.

  • September 2013 Newsletter - whole wheat cheese pretzels, date & apple bars for school lunches, cream cheese spreads, and tips from the Finance Man
  • August 2013 Newsletter - more thoughts about the gluten-free movement, as well as recipes for delicious cinnamon knots and all the last of summer's peaches: peaches & cream muffins, peachy buttermilk shakes, and peach fruit rollups
  • July 2013 Newsletter -  thoughts about the gluten-free movement, plus recipes for sprouted bread and strawberry shortcake and sweet potato fries
  • June 2013 Newsletter - learn how to avoid baking flat bread... and find recipes for grilled pizza, blender salsa AND blender cheese salsa!
  • May 2013 Newsletter - more answers to breadmaking questions (what to do if you have a hole in your bread, or if you have too much dough to bake in your oven), plus recipes for Mother's Day: whole wheat calzones, slow-baked French toast, and blueberry streusel muffins.
  • April 2013 Newsletter - here I diagnose some common breadmaking problems, give a recipe for whole wheat donuts, a use for leftover Easter eggs, and lots of dehydrator recipes.
  • March 2013 Newsletter - find out the best ways to freeze bread dough at each stage, and get a delicious recipe for pistachio pudding made from scratch. Shamrock pie and tart recipes for St. Patrick's Day too!
  • February 2013 Newsletter - Valentine's recipes for "Tie the Knot Garlic Rolls," spinach and cheese stuffed manicotti, dipped chocolate brownies, and more!
  • January 2013 Newsletter - a quick newsletter with a tasty dip recipe for your Super Bowl parties.
  • December 2012 Newsletter - learn how to make festive candy cane bread, a Christmas bell spread for your holiday parties, and spiced coffee cookies.
  • November 2012 Newsletter - in this newsletter, we have some must-try pumpkin cinnamon rolls, my grandmother's recipe for cranberry relish in the food processor, and some tasty ways to serve butternut squash and sweet potatoes. You'll be ready for Thanksgiving!
  • October 2012 Newsletter - no need to unwrap hundreds of caramel candies to make caramel apples... making homemade caramel is easier and better tasting! We also have some great recipes for fall as it approaches: a slow cooker taco soup, whole grain carrot apple muffins, and mini apple turnovers. Yum! One quick correction: if you are using dried kidney beans in your slow cooker, they MUST be boiled at least 10 minutes to get rid of a harmful enzyme.
  • September 2012 Newsletter - we have some great ideas for back-to-school lunches, including homemade whole wheat pitas, little "cheesettes," nutty butter balls, and some delicious date almond granola bar.
  • July/August 2012 Newsletter - learn how to make some refreshing summer drinks, including Mexican horchata, a strawberry cheesecake smoothie, and a chocolate mudslide.
  • June 2012 Newsletter - 2 light summer salad recipes, plus the perfect roasted garlic focaccia to go with them, and even homemade croutons.
  • May 2012 Newsletter - this month is a baking extravaganza! It doesn't get much more delicious than this recipe for whole grain crepes with strawberry cream cheese filling, but we also have a recipe for onion cheese bread, cinnamon raisin bread, mock rye bread, whole wheat angelfood cake, and gingerbread scones!
  • April 2012 Newsletter - find a recipe for Ciambella Mandorlata, an authentic Italian Easter bread that doubles as a dessert - as well as recipes for instant refried bean and sweet and sour "angeled" eggs.
  • March 2012 Newsletter - we adapted the basic Bosch blender bread recipe to make a cute shamrock bread for St. Patrick's Day.... plus find a recipe for mint cheesecake, and new ways to dress up your bread!
  • February 2012 Newsletter - make some adorable heart-shaped breadsticks and sweet Valentine cookies, an easy and tasty Mexican lasagna, and learn about what different glazes you can use to give your breads a finishing touch!
  • January 2012 Newsletter - if your New Year's resolution was to perfect your breadmaking, this newsletter has all the tips and tricks you'll need to figure out where your problems are. Also make a comforting potato soup and some unique whole wheat popovers to go with it!
  • December 2011 Newsletter - can you believe you can make 32 dozen cookies at a time with the Bosch Universal Plus? Learn how here!
  • November 2011 Newsletter - make an adorable pumpkin-shaped bread bowl for your soups, and find out about an upgrade for your Nutrimill!
  • October 2011 Newsletter - recipes for sourdough bread... and did you know you could make a whole wheat angel food cake?
  • September 2011 Newsletter - learn about different types of flour, and make your own whole grain bagels!
  • August 2011 Newsletter - a myriad of summer recipes: grilled pizza, gluten free breadsticks, easy shaved ice, and even orange Julius!
  • July 2011 Newsletter - make some 4th of July treats, including whole wheat waffles (with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream), a patriotic trifle, and some easy blender salsa and guacamole for your cookouts!
  • June 2011 Newsletter - find a fun way to hull strawberries, and get some summer recipes for strawberry lemonade, chicken salad, and a healthy strawberry pie!
  • May 2011 Newsletter - improve your summer cookouts with homemade hamburger buns, French fries, and even tangy ketchup!
  • April 2011 Newsletter - lots of Easter recipes, plus a recipe for charoseth, a delicious traditional recipe for a Seder dinner
  • March 2011 Newsletter - check out our recipe for a St. Patrick's Day bread wreath, a scrumptious blueberry coffee cake that uses amaranth and kamut, and a healthy amaranth nut bread
  • February 2011 Newsletter - find recipes for perfect French bread, heart-shaped croutons, a delicious lasagna, and some cute uses for a heart-shaped pie-topper!
  • January 2011 Newsletter - learn about the Bosch slicer/shredder, and make some comforting soups for winter (especially great if you are under the weather)
  • December 2010 Newsletter - make homemade Christmas gifts - or try a new recipe for chestnut dip, mint meringues, or a show-stopping Christmas tree bread!
  • November 2010 Newsletter - how to make holiday baking a breeze - plus recipes for pumpkin cheesecake and some delectable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!
  • October 2010 Newsletter - introducing the Grand Tortilla press, plus recipes for a great gluten-free grain: corn! Recipes include instant corn chowder, jalapeno cornbread, barbecue cornmeal, cornmeal tortillas... yum!
  • September 2010 Newsletter - nutritious breakfasts for back to school, as well as recipes for Ezekiel bread
  • August 2010 Newsletter - fast morning smoothie recipes and new grains for your diet!
  • July 2010 Newsletter - how to make pizza on the grill... and make apple pie with dehydrated apples!
  • June 2010 Newsletter - my stainless steel bakeware after 20 years of use, plus Kamut recipes!
  • May 2010 Newsletter - the facts about agave nectar and delicious recipes for quinoa, the high-protein grain
  • April 2010 Newsletter - tips for cooking with millet, plus a special Easter pastry recipe!
  • March 2010 Newsletter - tips for your NutriMill Grain Grinder
  • February 2010 Newsletter - the perfect sugar cookie recipe for Valentine's Day, plus how to cook with barley!
  • January 2010 Newsletter - ideas for dieting and getting healthy in the new year!
  • December 2009 Newsletter - contains recipes for our family's Christmas wreath bread, a Christmas pie, hot mulled cider, and a delicious and easy pastry flour
  • November 2009 Newsletter - full of healthy and delicious Thanksgiving recipes!
  • October 2009 Newsletter - make your own bread bowls and new spelt recipes!
  • September 2009 Newsletter - great ideas for revitalizing lunches!
  • August 2009 Newsletter - features a delicious blender recipe for quiche!
  • July 2009 Newsletter - includes recipes for grilled bananas and grilled yams!