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Grain Mills

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  1. L'Equip Nutrimill Variable High-Speed Home Grain Mill

    Classic L'Equip Nutrimill Variable High-Speed Home Grain Mill


    The Nutrimill gives you the fastest, strongest and most efficient, yet quiet mill possible. You get more options, easier use, consistent results and better quality with the Nutrimill. The Nutrimill is the world's first variable high speed mill that gives you super fine (much finer than any other impact mill) or coarse flour, perfect for corn breads. The Nutrimill has a 400% range of adjustment between the fine and coarse settings. The Nutrimill grinds wheat and beans—hard and soft wheat, kamut, spelt, hulled buckwheat, oat groats, hully barley, triticalae, rye, brown rice, wild rice, popcorn, sorghum, soybeans, split peas, and dried beans (Please do not mill herbs, spices, coffee beans or flax—read the manual.)
    This is my FAVORITE mill! It does all your grains and beans; coarse and fine flours; but the best is that it does not clog! I am always forgetting to empty the canister! This is the only mill on the market that turning the machine off, while grain is in the hopper, will not hurt it! A great plus for forgetful cooks. You will simply love this mill. There is nothing better nor sweeter than fresh ground flour. Check out my Bread Tip page on why you would want to have fresh ground flour!
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  2. Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill High-Capacity Grain Grinder

    Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill includes flour bagger!


    As usual, L'Chef is committed to making our lives easier and healthy. L'Chef introduces the NEW Nutrimill Plus Grain Mill while keeping the wonderful features of the Classic Nutrimill grain mill to grind flour from fine to coarse, or anywhere between. The electric NutriMill Plus grain mill uses a high speed impact milling head (micronizer) to create flour from grains and beans. The new Nutrimill Plus is quieter than any other electric grain mill on the market! The Nutrimill Plus Grinder holds a whopping 24 cups of freshly ground flour! This wonderful grain grinder uses a 2-speed, 1200 watt motor which will quickly make you fresh flour full of all the vitamins and minerals found in fresh flour. Another plus to the new Nutrimill Plus grain mill is it is self cleaning with a new four stage filtration system making it dust-free. Features:
    • High speed milling
    • Easy to use
    • Full range of flour texture
    • No dust in the air
    • New 20% larger hopper
    • Integrated flour bin
    • Now 15% quieter
    • Self cleaning
    • 30% smaller storage footprint
    Includes: Flour bagger Learn More
  3. COMBO SALE - Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine & L'Equip Nutrimill

    COMBO SALE - Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine includes Dough Extender, Bread making DVD & L'Equip Classic Nutrimill


    Bosch Mixer Features:
    • Attractive, stable design
    • 500 Watt motor
    • 4-speed transmission
    • Many stainless components
    • Pulse switch
    • French whips with triple action
    • Patented kneading design develops gluten better for lighter, fluffier, more attractive baked goods
    • Makrilon 6.5 qt bowl holds up to 15 lbs
    Nutrimill Features:
    • Over 20 cup bowl capacity (largest available).
    • 1 to 1 ration for milling grain into flour—fill the hopper once and get a full bowl of fresh flour.
    • Patent pending TruFeed precision grain flow control.
    • 3xAirFlow for improved motor cooling and longer mill life.
    • Improved texture control—from fine flour to coarse meal.
    • TwistLock securely and easily locks the lid on the bowl.
    • Easy to remove multi-function modules.
    • Convenient, powerful and fast. Self cleaning and operates dust-free.
    • Easy grip hopper lid for easy access and quieter operation.
    • Easy to store—11.5” storage height and 11" x 13" footprint.
    • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 1-3/4 hp motor, 12 amp
    • Electrical 110-120V 10A, 50/60 HZ FREE SHIPPING! Learn More
  4. Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill

    Nutrimill Harvest Grain Mill!


    Out of stock

    The NutriMill Harvest combines fine engineering, superior craftsmanship and a classic design to provide you with fresh, nutritious whole grain flour. The versatility of this mill allows you to grind as fine as pastry flour to cracked grains for cereal. Learn More
  5. Hard Red Winter Wheat - 36 Lb Bucket

    Hard Red Winter Wheat - 36 Lb Bucket


    Out of stock

    Montana Hard Red Winter Wheat found right here in Oklahoma! Montana hard red winter wheat makes a wonderful loaf of bread. It will have a strong grain flavor that hits the spot for those who love the whole grain bread flavor. I have found it to be higher fiber. If you are introducing whole wheat bread to your family who are used to white bread, I would not use this wheat! I like to mix half hard red winter wheat berries and half white wheat spring wheat berries in my loaves of bread. Good quality wheat berries come from Montana which is what I sell. You will want to make sure your wheat grain is kept in sealed food grade buckets to protect it from bugs, mice and water, which are the main culprits in destroying your wheat berries. The wheat that I carry come in nitrogen packed food storage grade buckets. Sealed away from the bugs and water! Though I am in Oklahoma, I do ship wheat berries. You will love having your wheat berries in the nitrogen packed buckets! Learn More

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