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Bosch Universal Plus Includes: Dough Hook, Wire Whips, Dough Extender, and Bread Making DVD!

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Quick Overview

dough hook, whips, Breadmaking DVD and dough extender

Bosch Mixer Features:

  • Attractive, stable design
  • 500 Watt motor
  • 4 speed settings + momentary switch
  • Many stainless components
  • Pulse switch
  • French whips with triple action
  • Patented kneading design develops gluten better for lighter, fluffier, more attractive baked goods
  • 6.5 qt bowl holds up to 15 lbs
  • Cord storage
  • Suction feet for a secure standing
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Overload and start motor protection
  • Bowl locking system
  • Safety locking blender system
  • Handles on bowl for convenience in use
  • Removable shaft for easy clean up


This is my first choice in the Bosch mixers. I have been using the Bosch Universal for 25 years and absolutely love it! I think it is the best buy in the Bosch line of mixers and a must for any cook! You will absolutely love it!

  Know Your Bosch Guide
  Selecting the Right Tool
  Bosch Bowl Parts - Exploded View
  Bosch Blender Parts - Exploded View
  Bosch Slicer/Shredder Parts - Exploded View
  Bosch Food Processor Parts - Exploded View
  Bosch Meat Grinder Parts - Exploded View

Bosch Universal Plus Fall Bundle A - includes dough hook, whips, and dough extender

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The new Bosch Universal Plus—500 Watt kitchen center has finally arrived. The best kitchen mixer has now gotten even better. Several new features on the Bosch Universal Plus include soft rubber suction cup feet for a skid free stance. The bowl now locks down, and the bowl's rim handle provides a secure grip. Now holds up to 15 lbs of dough. The Bosch Universal Plus has 4 speeds plus a wider speed range than our previous models, and has a sealed oil transmission that doubles the life.

The new Bosch Universal Plus Mixer—The Ultimate Kitchen Center and Breadmaker. The Bosch Universal Plus MUM6N10UC is a complete kitchen center—the world's premier mixer and breadmaker and blender in one fantastic machine. With the available attachments, you can also do all your food processing, blending, juicing, flaking grains and grinding and more. So why have so many appliances, when the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer is all you need?

The Bosch Universal Mixer is the world's number one breadmaker and is loved by so many because it lasts and last, but also because it makes the most beautiful, light, whole grain breads. What makes the Bosch Universal stand out as the best breadmaker in the world is the patented BreadMaster dough hook that incorporates oxygen into the dough while stretching and folding the dough every four rotations around the bowl. The dough hook provides proper gluten development that will produce such light whole grain breads that are a great delight for your family. No more brick loaves of bread, but fabulous bread, and in just 90 minutes for six 2 lb loaves. Other mixers just merely stir the dough, which in turn does not fully develop the gluten, but produces heavy, crumbly bricks.

A World Class Blender is made for this kitchen center. The 6-cup Lexan polycarbonate bowl lets you snow ice, chop and puree, and grind. Drop your ice cubes through the lid funnel, or add additional liquids, without stopping the machine. Instead of purchasing the Vita Mix, your Bosch Universal blender will do it all. The Bosch Universal blender runs at 13,000 RPM's. The blender locks into the Bosch mixer base, which cannot be accidentally bumped off. Larger families use their blender so much that they have to purchase an extra one. The 6 C blender also works as a great measuring cup for the water when making bread.

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has even more power than our MUM66 models. The New Bosch Plus features a beefed up 500 Watt motor, which is the largest Bosch has designed. The Universal lasts a long time with heavy-duty use, so don't buy a cheaper model, as in the end it really becomes very expensive to not buy the BEST.

Many attachments to choose from—e.g., food processor, slicer/shredder, citrus juicer, meat grinder, pasta attachment, sausage stuffer, cereal mill and flaker. The Bosch Universal mixer motor and transmission have a 3-year warranty. One year warranty on attachments.

A Comparison of Kitchenaid and Bosch Mixers

Bosch Small Kitchen Appliances Warranty:

Robert Bosch Corporation ("BOSCH") warrants all new small appliances sold by it to be free from original defects in design, materials and workmanship as follows: Kitchen Machines... three (3) years motor warranty, all other component parts one (1) year.

Within the stated warranty period, BOSCH will repair or replace, at its sole option, any small appliance or parts thereof which prove defective under conditions of normal use and service at not charge to you. Repaired and replacement small appliances and parts shall assume the identity of the original for the purposes of this warranty.

In case you have a problem with your new BOSCH small appliance and to obtain performance of this warranty, you should check with your retailer or sent it, securely packed, along with a dated proof of purchase to one of the Authorized Service Centers listed above.

To ensure prompt service, a statement giving the specific reasons for the return should be included with the product.

This warranty is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable. Specifically excluded from this warranty are failures caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, including tampering, use on improper voltage and use for commercial purposes.

The Beginning: How I Got Started with Bosch

So many have heard me tell about my original Bosch that I bought on SALE for $500 back in 1984, here it is! Definitely not like the new style Bosch and not something I would bring to a demonstration. It is working and we do still use it. As you can see, I am making bread in this pic. The beauty of Bosch is that all the new attachments fit the old machine. The machine style is definitely dated but not obsolete. I think this really makes the Bosch stand apart from all other mixers, when a 26 year old machine can be expanded to include the present day kitchen tools.

The story goes....in July of 1984 my hubby got me a KitchenAid mixer which I was very happy with as I had grown up with one. In September, my hubby saw a brochure on this newfangled mixer...the Bosch that could make 5 loaves of bread. He told me we needed it. I told him I didn't want it as I had my KitchenAid and was making bread by hand just fine. For Christmas 1984, he bought me the Bosch Universal Mixer. I was shocked and couldn't imagine why I would want another mixer! Little did I know this was not just a 'mixer!'

The first time to make bread, I was sold. I made 5 loaves in one hour and then put the bowl in the dishwasher. Wow! I sold my KitchenAid and have never looked back. I wondered how I had lived that long without this wonderful kitchen tool.

The Bosch mixer is my number one tool in my kitchen. If you haven't taken the plunge to invest in a great kitchen tool, now is the time. You will never regret your investment with the Bosch Universal Mixer!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the warranty on Bosch Mixers?
The motor/transmission of the Bosch UNIVERSAL PLUS Mixer comes with a 3-year warranty. All of the other parts are 1-year.

2. If my motor stops while in use what should I do?
A built-in thermal overload feature will shut down the motor if the temperature begins to be unsafe. Turn it off and allow the motor to cool down; then turn it back on to finish mixing.

For additional information, contact the L'Equip Service Department.
Email: service@lequip.com
Phone: 801-383-1936

3. Why is there discoloration of dough at the place where the dough hook sits on the post of new Universal Plus?
The oxidation of the ‘hub’ of the Dough Hook is what causes the discoloration. As the hook spins thousands of times while in contact with the Spur Gear (the top of the Center Column) the oxidation combines with moisture/water/oil to create what you see.

4. What is the white grease on the column in the bowl of my new universal plus?
Bosch uses this food-grade grease to keep the wire whips from squeaking first few times they are used. It is safe to use the mixer with the grease there, or you can wash it off.

A good answer to this problem is to use a ‘Dough Hook Glide’. This is a little circle of plastic that sits atop the Center Column and prevents the Dough Hook from touching the column.

We also recommend that the dough hook be hand washed, avoiding the caustic detergents used in most dishwashers.

5. Where can I get my Bosch serviced?
Most of the servicing is done at the L'Equip facility. You may contact their Service Department through phone or email.

L'EQUIP - Service Department
Phone: 801-383-1936

6. Why is my stainless steel mixing bowl leaking?
A worn out gasket is usually the reason for leaks with the Bosch MUZ6ER1 S/S Mixing Bowl. Check with your BOSCH dealer for replacement gaskets.
Fax: 801-383-1941
Email: service@lequip.com

7. Why is my mixer making squeaking sound?
We have determined that the noise (usually described as a “grating” sound) comes from the top of the column of the bowl, usually when mixing a full batch of heavy dough. The spur gear at the top of the column in the bowl is not a solid piece. There is a two-piece bearing insert in it fastened together with two screws that form a squeeze fit inside the top of the gear. We have discovered that under heavy stress, this insert can turn inside the gear and the plastic rubbing against plastic is what produces this sound. Fortunately this noise is not harmful and is not causing damage to your machine, it’s motor or transmission.

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