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Thank you so much for your quick response. I appreciate your continual time in customer service! It is wonderful. I look forward to continuing to ordering from you in the future, as I have been very pleased. My wish list is growing.

Thanks again,

             — Tina K.


I received my new Bosch mixer and have been using it a lot. I LOVE IT!!!!! It is everything I hoped for and then some. I may be adding to it as well with a spare mixing bowl too. I have to wait on that a bit though. I love the bowl scraper for my Bosch and have told several friends who all have the same mixer about it. They now too will be ordering the bowl scraper attachment.

Blessing to you and your family,

             — Peg P.


Hi Paula,

I've been reading your newsletters for years now! Especially love all your recipes and info on different grains.

             — Chris W.


Love your service and products. Introduced to you, your family, and products at the homeschool fair in San Antonio a couple of years ago. You took the time to explain some of the products I had been searching for and again in the last few weeks. As I had an issue with some grain (bought somewhere else) you emailed back and forth with me as I worked through what to do.

Great service!!!

             — Kristi, San Antonio, TX


My husband bought me several stainless steel baking pans from you last year for Christmas and I just LOVE them. They work great, and look as wonderful as they did a year ago!

             — Becki


I found Paula's Bread through another blog I was following, and was so excited to see her reasonable prices and quality products. I now own a Bosch and am loving it! I use it almost every day, making healthful and tasty food for our family. Paula was very helpful on the phone, informing me about different products and helping me to make a decision on attachments & parts. And the best part is that this puppy will pay for itself in about 6-12 months with the amount of whole wheat bread our family of six goes through. I love a machine that can save money and help us live healthier. Thanks, Paula!!

             — Anne F.


I love all the recipes you provide. They are not only easy to follow, but I love how you give different recipes for different loaves and really make it possible for me to easily make healthy wonderful breads for the most important people in my life - my family!!

             — Jesse M.


I ordered the jelly roll pans from Paula and they are absolutely an essential in my kitchen. They arrived super fast and I am so pleased with them.

             — Hannah F., OK


I met you at the CHEF convention in St. Charles, MO. I came up to you and asked you what made your Bosch so much better than my KitchenAid. The smile on your face said it all. Let me just say that with the arrival of baby #5 in August, the time saving features of the Bosch mixer have been a life saver! Thanks for sharing your wonderful products with us.

             — Karen, St. Charles, MO


My Nutrimill is from Paula's Bread....and I LOVE it! The customer service at PB is great. I love that she answers emails....most businesses just ignore them. I referred a friend to you who also purchased her Nutrimill from you.

             — Stacy


I want to let everyone know how amazing the Bosch Universal is. I have loved it from the moment I unpacked it from the box (which I still have 4 years later). I use it for everything and have several attachments. I make cookies, cakes, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and ...BREAD in it! It's worth every penny.

Paula, I ordered the Bosch mixer from you for Christmas. I haven't gotten it yet but I am already impressed with your service. Thanks to Laura at Heavenly Homemakers your reputation is widespread!! The price you offered was AMAZING and, from what Laura says, your customer service is like no other! I'm excited to be ordering from you.

             — Mira B.


I appreciate that you support passionatehomemaking.com! Thank you! I have been following your blog for some time. I appreciate the recipes, tips, and other information you make available for your customers and friends. :) It makes us feel you like you're investing in us as people, not just trying to sell us (really cool) kitchen tools. You're doing a great job - thanks!

I placed an order with Paula Bread a few weeks ago.There was a mix up with 2 things that sounded alike. I called and they sent me what I wanted and said I could keep the mix-up. I had it with in a few days. Now that was great service.

             — Sherri


I met you last Spring at the Tulsa Home & Garden show and was introduced to the Bosch equipment, organic grains, etc. I was impressed -- not just with the product, but with you. You radiate Jesus. Even though I had never seen you before, I felt an instant "connection" because you are His. His Love and Peace emanate from you.

I signed up for your newsletters and smiled when I received the first one. This is your ministry! Isn't God incredible?!? He comes up with the most ingenious ways for people to share His gospel and you do it very well!

You are a giver -- a hilarious, prompt-to-do-it giver -- and God says in II Corinthians 9:7 that He takes great pleasure in this. He prizes a cheerful giver so much that He is unwilling to abandon or do without one!

Thank you, Paula for sharing your time, recipes, tips, and wisdom (sometimes obtained from "trial & error"!); for standing your ground in the face of compromise to do what's "right, just, and fair" (according to God's way of looking at things); and for unashamedly sharing the love of Jesus with whoever will listen.

Even though you may not hear it enough (can we ever hear it too much??), your husband, daughter, and sons love you very much and are very proud of you. They thank God for you more often than you know.

Keep up the good work -- it has NOT gone unnoticed!


             — Jeanne L., OK


I like Paula's Bread and love my Bosch mixer/blender/food processor. Bosch stands behind their products. I used my blender for a smoothie and when I removed it from the Bosch base the blade attachment fell off the bottom (possibly operator error) and the smoothie drown the motor which made it squeal loudly. I sent it in and they replaced the blender bottom, replaced the Bosch motor and gave me a plastic tab to keep bread dough out of the middle pole. The best part-all was free because they have a great warranty. Have had some great smoothies since then with no problems. Can't wait for cookie baking day with my friend. She's excited to get to use the Bosch herself.

             — Seth S.


LIKE! I purchased my Bosch from Paula over 16 years ago and it is still going strong! I have bought many items since from Paula including many items I have given for gifts. I also love all the recipes! LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!

             — Julie S., Beggs, OK


I have never been so pleased with kitchen products as I am with my Bosch mixer and Nutrimill. My husband and I debated a long time about the cost of these appliances, but the decision for good quality products outweighed the thought of using something cheaper.

After several years we are so glad with our decision. We've loved our mixer - being able to make five loaves of bread at a time is a time saver I couldn't do without! And knowing that we can grind our own grains and bring whole foods to our table has been a joy.

Thank you for offering such quality appliances - it shows that you care about your customers when you bring them the best of the best.

             — Pam M., Delaware


I began shopping with Paula's Bread over six years ago and have been extremely happy with her service and products. She has always gone out of her way to make sure I get what I need. My family, as well as friends and family, have been blessed with healthier cooking and baked goods from freshly ground grains.

Thank you Paula for being there and making this lifestyle available to those of us in the Tulsa area. Keep up the good work and may God bless you, your family and your business.

             — Carla B., OK


I purchased a Bosch kitchen machine last winter. I saved up for two years to buy one. It was well worth it! You were so helpful answering my questions via email. Helping me decide which attachments would be best for ME. Prior to me buying my Bosch you kindly answered all my questions at the TPA homeschool convention. I love baking even more now. I have recommended you to others who wanted to buy elsewhere. They bought from you instead because of how helpful you were to them.

Shipping was fast! Even with a backorder on one thing you kept me up to speed on the delay!

             — Renee K., Wichita, KS


I Love Paula's Bread, Also I Love Love Love my new Bosch mixer, I'm only sorry I didn't have this years ago. Thank YOU Paula for the website and offering the mixer.

             — Kathy F., IL


Thank you so much for your high quality products that encourage so many to make better quality food for their families!

             — Joanna


You replied so quickly and with great information. I greatly appreciated it. Thanks! (And all of the recipes that you post sound absolutely wonderful!)

             — Beth


I am so excited about this! Paula has always been so patient in answering questions for me, offering to help me! I am so excited to start my journey with grinding my own wheat! I am going to have to start with a hand grinder, but it would be so amazing to win this and start my family off the new year right!! I have liked the Facebook page, following the blog using the RSS feeds in my email, and now getting the newsletter. Thanks for being great Paula!

             — Amanda


I attended one of your bread seminars at the MPE conference in Kansas City and learned so much. You really showed me what a valuable investment a Bosch is and I refer to your blog often for advice & recipes. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work.

             — Kelli, KS


My husband and I recently purchased our Nutrimill and we have not purchased bread since we started using it! (I think we have once, but we really try not too!). The freshly-ground wheat flour that it produces helps to make our whole wheat bread so light and tasty (instead of the nutritious bricks we were making before). The Nutrimill has a very convenient power cord (it retracts and coils on its own) and clean up is easy. The timing is perfect too - in the time that I need to get the yeast started and add the sugar and oil and prep the pans, the flour is ready to use! It's a GREAT investment.

             — Brittany K.


Paula's Bread introduced me to the Saf Yeast brand--the best yeast for the best rising bread you'll find. Customer Service has been great and products are high quality!

             — Merediga


Love everything we have purchased thru Paula! She answers questions with clarity and spurs me on toward godliness in her tips and hints and encouragements. The biggest blessing is in knowing that my dollars spent with Paula go for quality, have lasting value, and promote godly family living and goals. Paula's Bread changes hearts and lives for the Lord!

             — Jayne, OK



I bought (I should say, my husband bought!) the nutrimill, bosch mixer, blender and food processor with lots of other items this past summer. It has been a wonderful journey of learning to make bread for my family. They all love it and so do I. I am slowly starting to learn how to incorporate the bosch into my other needs in the kitchen as well. Everything is going well.

Thanks for your wonderful blog spot and facebook page

             — Tina B., Rolla, MO


Thanks so much for your kind and wonderful customer service! I really appreciate your help. It is so frustrating to make bad loaves of bread. I have enough bread crumbs made from my bad experiences to last a long time. I can't wait to try flour from my new Nutrimill.

Blessings to you and your family as you minister to others in such a neat way!

             — Phebe W., Tennessee


I ordered a Bosch kitchen machine last fall, and just wanted you to know that I LOVE it! It's so easy to use. I no longer feel like I'm going to blow up my little hand-held mixer when mixing up cookie dough. I enjoy making bread about twice a month with the Bosch. I do two batches in a row and freeze all the dough. It's so convenient to set the dough out at night, and bake it the next morning. I love that my family gets to have fresh bread nearly every day! Thank you also for including your DVD. It was very helpful to "see" the instructions and all the creative ways to use the bread dough. I've tried all the recipes, except the raisin bread.

             — Megan G., Oakland, IL


When I purchased my Bosch mixer, I had already been baking all my family's bread, pizza dough, biscuits, etc. from scratch at home. I enjoyed feeding my family such nutritious food, but I would get annoyed when my 2 year old needed to go potty, or my 7 month old woke up crying, and I had bread dough stuck all over my fingers. Also, I could never properly work my dough to give it a light texture, while still using 100% whole wheat flour. After my first batch of bread with the Bosch, I was totally sold. I had bread on the table in about an hour and it looked like REAL BREAD, not "bread cake," like my loaves before. Also, Paula's bread DVD taught me some basics, like how to let it rise just enough but not too much. I always had sinkers before, but with my Bosch, I had light, moist, full loaves the first time.

             — Lisa B., St. Charles, MO


I just bought the Bosch & Grain Mill set from you this weekend at the ICHE convention. I just wanted to let you know that (on Saturday) after the conference, I came home and ground wheat into flour and made bread, cinnamon rolls and pizza. My diabetic mother loved that I used agave. My young sons 6 & 3 loved every concoction I made! My husband is delighted with my enthusiasm and glad we made the purchase seeing as how it cuts down my breadmaking time by more than two hours! I feel blessed to see my family eating healthy. Thank you Paula, for your recommendations and encouragement!

             — Gloricelly F., Cicero, IL


You are amazing! I placed an order for my Bosch Friday morning, and it was shipped that day! I received it yesterday (UPS showed up as I was leaving to run errands, it took all I had to continue out, lol!) So far, I am in LOVE with it! I am getting ready to make my first batch of bread and after watching your dvd last night, I am beyond excited!

             — Kristen K.


I just wanted to let you know I received my package today with the dvd and cookie paddles. THANK YOU!! Thank you again for your AWESOME customer service. So nice doing business with an honest, Christian woman. God Bless, Anna



I love my Bosch mixer and Nutrimill. Making bread is easier than ever, and I have never had bread that tasted so good! I’m a busy mom, and it is nice to know that I can make wholesome and fresh whole wheat bread for my kids with little time and effort, since the Bosch does all the hard work for me. Paula’s Bread has great customer service. The shipping was fast, and it is nice to know that whenever I have any questions about the wonderful products I buy, Paula is more than willing to help me!

             —Beth C., Oklahoma City, OK


I found you again! Maybe you remember me, maybe not. I purchased a Bosch Universal from you about 14 years ago. I was just telling one of my daughter's the other day what a wonderful machine it has been! It is still running as strong as it it did the day I purchased it! And, I love it just as much! No kidding, it is the one item that I would not give up for anything. I have not contacted you in a while mainly because I misplaced your contact info. Good ole "google" saved the day. I put in "Bosch Universal + Oklahoma" I was so thrilled to see you have a website!

All this to say, I will be ordering a Bosch Universal soon for my daughter who is getting married this spring, and want to order from you. I am thrilled that you are still in business!

             —Rhonda B., Tulsa, OK


A friend of mine told me about Paula's Bread several years ago. I followed up by visiting Paula's wonderful website. After much consideration, I decided to order one of the skillets and a bucket of wheat. From there, I proceeded to purchase the Nutri-mill Grinder, the Bosch Mixer, and many of the consumable products offered on the site. I also placed my first truck order last fall.

I have been so pleased with everything that I have ordered from Paula. She takes such a personal interest in her business and offers the best customer service around. I have asked numerous questions by email over the past couple of years, and she has taken the time to answer each and every one. When I have ordered products, she has gone out of her way to get them to me as quickly as possible. I have never had to wait more than a few days to receive anything that I have ordered from her website.

The Bosch mixer and the Grinder were big purchases for my husband and me. But having them has been worth every penny that we spent on them. The grinder makes wonderful, beautiful flour and the Bosch mixer is amazing. However, you will not want to use them without having Paula's recipes on hand. Her bread recipe is absolutely delicious! I've used it again and again and again. Best of all, Paula shares her wonderful recipes with all of us for free on her wonderful website. (You can also receive some amazing tips on how to use the Bosch Mixer and the Nutri-mill Grinder by ordering Paula's excellent DVD on Bread Making.)

As you can see, I simply can't say enough about Paula and Paula's Bread. If you are considering placing an order, don't hesitate to do so. Paula is a friend that you can trust! You'll love everything that she has to offer.

God bless you, Paula! Thank you so much for all that you do!

             —Tisha C., Collinsville, OK


I have been using a mixer for years and ended up with dense bread, or "compromised" bread that had additives I didn't care for. After trying scores of different recipes and techniques, I finally gave up. When our family's demand for bread increased, I realized the only way to get 100% whole grain, affordable bread was with the Bosch.

My first batch turned out great, and I love that I can make fluffy sandwich bread with 100% whole wheat and a few basic ingredients. No more guilt over store-bought bread!

             —Sharon F., Tulsa, OK


I bought a L’Equip Dehydrator from Paula’s Bread. I received it very quickly. In fact, it arrived so fast we were wondering what the package was at the door. We were pleasantly surprised to discover it was the dehydrator. I have made flax seed crackers, cookies from oat groats, fruit leather, and have dried fruit. Any time that I have had a question regarding the dehydrator, Paula has responded quickly.

             —Sharon C, Lumberton, TX


dear paula

i just wanted to let u know how much i loved my new bosch. i had to wait so long to get it , but it was worth every minute i had to wait. i have already made 4 batches of bread and it is great. i thought i might have lost my touch but i hadn't. thanks so much.

             —Cindy P., IA


I love my Bosch and Nutrimill! My husband was dead set on a KitchenAid mixer. Thankfully, he hadn’t purchased one for me yet. I attended one of Paula’s seminars at a home school conference and realized how much a Bosch and Nutrimill would make my life easier. We wouldn’t eat the homemade bread I made because it was heavy, dry, and just took too much time! Now, I make at least one or two batches a week (5 loaf batches) and we use or give away almost all of it! After e-mailing Paula because my bread was not like hers, it now turns out wonderful! Paula was patient with me, answered all my questions, and walked me through making wonderful whole wheat bread! I even had a minor issue with my Bosch mixer, and she contacted the company and got me a replacement part! Her service is fantastic and the products she sells will last a lifetime! Thank you and God’s Blessings Paula!

             —Stephanie M., Hubbard, IA


I ordered my Nutrigrain mill and Bosch Universal machine from you about 1 ½ months ago and I’ve loved every minute with them! My family is enjoying wonderful breads, pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls, etc. I’ve only worked with white winter wheat, but am anxious to branch out. I’ve also tried freezing my dough and using it later for crusts, etc. when I need them. So far, so good. Your service surrounding my purchase was fabulous and you’ve been readily available to me via email when I’ve had questions. That is so uncommon today and I’m so grateful for both.

Thanks for wonderful products and service. You have wonderful ministry going!

             —Denise S., Lawrence, KS


We've really enjoyed our Bosch mixer and Nutrimill. My sister had bought a mixer from Paula several years ago and it's still going strong. From the machines, supplies or the great gadgets everything we have bought from Paula has been top notch and delivered fast. She goes the extra mile for her customers. Thanks Paula.

             —T and M, Tulsa, OK


We're enjoying our Bosch and Nutrimill tremendously! Even the bread that "falls" is in the category of "the best bread I've ever made!

             —Laura D.


I'm excited to get the new Bosch, I talked briefly with you about my "stretchmarks" I get on my bread at the convention last weekend, I used your dough enhancer with my kitchenAid Sunday, and NO stretch marks!!! and by the way my kitchenAid "turned off" after 10 minutes of kneading this batch, so I had to turn it off for 30 minutes before I could knead some more (to cool the motor down I guess), and my hands just weren't doing it! So then my dearly beloved husband agreed it's time to make this purchase! So I think God opened this door for me and I'm not gonna miss out! Thanks again.

             —Karen M., Pella, IA


I stopped in at your booth at ICHE and bought some dough enhancer. I spoke with you briefly about my problem with my loaves being too flat on top. I decided to try your recipe after trying multiple others with no success. My loaves turned out beautiful! Thanks so much for giving your recipe so freely. You have made a customer for life.


             —Corrine W., IL


I have to tell you have much I've enjoyed poking around your site. I found out about it from a website called Heavenly Homemakers. She had a discussion about grain mills, and so many people mentioned the great service they received from you. I am a Christian, too, and I love to work with Christian companies. So when my husband was trying to figure out where to buy my mill, I told him that you were a Christian, and I also told him about all the great feedback I read about on Laura's site. He thought that sounded great!

             —Melissa S.


Thank you for the email. I planned on calling tomorrow to find out the turn around time. No need to now. Thank you for the fast and great customer service.

             —Angie A., GA


I recently ordered a Nutrimill and a Bosch mixer from you and I just wanted to write and tell you how I appreciate your good business! I couldn't believe how fast I received my order. As a Christian myself I thought it was pretty neat to be able to order what I wanted from someone I knew I could trust because of the testimony that you share so openly. I am really enjoying my Nutrimill and Bosch mixer!!! Thank you so much and God bless.

             —Carissa W., Kansas


Thank you for answering my email. I'm glad that you have enough time to stay connected via email and your newsletters. I will definitely join your blog. I read some of the archives. Very interesting and helpful. I like that you love the Lord, too, and there won't be any "weird" or "crazy" new-age stuff coming from your newsletters, etc. :)!

             —Jean C.


I love my Bosch and NutriMill and don't know what I'd do without them! Paula has been great in giving me pointers (Love the DVD!) and when I have problems, she's been right on top of it, helping me out. Thank you, Paula!

             —Lauri W., Japan


Paula and Robert are so friendly and welcoming--we felt like we'd known them forever when we finally met last summer. Paula has been wonderful to work with in ordering and fulfilling customer's orders. We have been thrilled with how quickly our orders arrive so we can help others bake healthy. Her bread baking DVD is a great resource for the new baker as she walks through each step and shares easy tips on making the process go smoothly. She is readily available to answer questions and offer encouragement, so appreciated with today's busy lives!

             —Britta, Des Moines, IA


My new Bosch is wonderful. What a blessing to feed my family nutritious AND delicious bread without the hassle of all-day kneading and rising. God bless you, Paula!

             —Laura M., Siloam Springs


I have really enjoyed using the Bosch equipment that I purchased from Paula. Everything I have has lasted for many years and is still going strong. Paula has been very helpful in obtaining supplies, equipment and consumables, including things that are hard to find elsewhere. I appreciate having a local pickup place for items I need on short notice and a reliable source for bulk orders, as well. I know that everything I get from her will be very high quality. It's been such a blessing to be able to make homemade bread and other healthy things without having to do it all by hand. Paula has a very gracious spirit and it is a blessing to visit and do business with her.

             —Donna G., Tulsa, OK


We have begun making bread. I watched your DVD over and over and the kids and I had so much fun learning to make it. We were able to make 2 pizzas, 2 dozen cloverleaf rolls for Thanksgiving, cinnamon rolls, and 2 loaves of bread the first time we tried. The next week I had to make 6 loaves of bread and cinnamon rolls and now it looks like I need to make some again. We are going through it so fast. Everyone loves it!

             —Kimberly B., Japan


Paula is my absolute FAVORITE “go to” person for all my bread making supplies and healthy cooking needs. She is very prompt with all communication and delivery of items. She is always happy to answer questions and is very cheerful and pleasant to work with! The supplies she offers are only TOP NOTCH supplies that are the best available on the market. Having a BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS makes my life truly easier, and grinding my own wheat fresh with a NUTRAMILL allows me to feel good about feeding my family the very best in nutrition. I am so thankful that I have Paula as a resource. Give Paula’s Bread a try and you will be glad you did!

             —Tammy H., Iowa


I absolutely love the grain mill. Thank you so much for the personal attention you have given us; it's as if you've been part of the family on these little surprises. The bread that I'm making is wonderful. In fact, the bread that I've been giving to friends has been deemed as "the best homemade bread I've ever eaten!" as quoted by our friends. I've experimented with cinnamon rolls too and they were great. I want to try pizza, but every time I think that I will use dough for pizza, I think of someone who wants a loaf of bread. I feel so privileged to have the Bosch and Nutrimill. My 4-year old son even loves to help me grind wheat and make bread. We are having so much fun. Thank you.

             —Donna V., San Antonio, TX


Paula, thank you so much for all your advice and help over the phone today. I love your helpful website. Thank you especially for your immediate shipment. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

             —Dana M., Tennessee


I am loving every minute of my Bosch! Thank you so much! I didn't realize how much I missed owning one.

             —Dana H.


It has been a great experience working with Paula’s Bread. Genuine courtesy and a real desire to provide top quality service makes doing business with Paula a true joy! I know who to call when I have questions and if not answered on the spot she is right back to me with exactly what I needed to know. I look forward to her creative and inspiring newsletters in the next year!

             —Linda N., Nebraska


Paula has been a wonderful help to my husband and I. She answers our questions promptly and if she doesn't know the answer she will find the answer for us. We appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to help others.

             —Penny B., Minnesota


I sure appreciate your making available the excellent food products and appliances. I pray multiplied blessings for your and your family.

             —Margie W., Washington, MO


I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new Bosch! The new features are wonderful, so I now consider it a blessing that my old one finally bit the dust! :) Thank you for your help in making that decision.

             —Sally R., FL


Your demonstration was a blessing in so many ways, Paula. I'm good with bread, but you're fantastic! *Grin* I came on a whim that night, following a last-minute invitation, and I'm so glad I did. The stainless steel pans (I bought a bread pan and the large pizza pan) are a joy to work with ... gosh, those cinnamon rolls going from rising to serving on the same platter! Hooray! And the dental floss trick! I'd read about that, but watching you execute the movement made all the difference. Cutting two dozen now goes in a flash. Gee, I'm grateful for that method. I'm a regular customer now. Every payday I'm going to treat myself to something!

             —Susan C. Springs, TX


I had Paula do a demonstration at my home and everyone (including myself) loved it!! It is amazing how many different bread items you can make from one big batch of dough. Paula made: pizza (using the instant pizza sauce mix and a small can of tomato sauce and cheddar cheese), pull-aparts, 2 loaves of breads (one was "mock rye" bread), and cinnamon rolls (gotta have 'em!). She gave us wonderful bread-making tips, like how to know how much flour to add and how to tell when the bread had finished rising. Everyone was so thankful they came and Paula is now mentoring some of them on line in making bread, and saving money. I highly recommend her website and products. We are learning how to eat healthy and save money, and Paula is a gem.

             —Cassandra B. Katy, TX


Thank you for your customer service..........it's just such a pleasure and refreshing to work with folks who are really on top of things...I will be sure to keep any Bosch business coming your way in the future....thanks for blessing our family with speedy- thorough service...and my 16 yr old son thanks you...he really dislikes store- bought bread.

             —Lisette K. Omaha, NE



Who knew I would ever be saying this. But I LOVE making bread! You were absolutely right that I would thoroughly enjoy the Nutri-mill and Bosch. I'm so glad I got them both. Thanks so much for walking me through that decision. (Well, it IS quite the investment!) The bread is so tasty and light. I've only tried the honey wheat so far. I was surprised that it kept its freshness for so long. When I used to use my bread machine, or make it by hand, the bread always seemed to already be getting stale the next day. Plus, I can't believe how easy it is! I actually walked my brother-in-law through the steps over Christmas during his stay and we went from grinding wheat to pulling bread out of the oven in about 2 hours I think. And much of that time we weren't actually doing anything except for waiting for the next step! PLUS (now, you must remember I told you that I have never been a natural cook here) I actually made mashed potatoes for 18 people...it was great! Someone tried to talk me into getting boxed scallop potatoes to make things easier... but I tested out making mashed before company arrived and realized I could do it quite easily. (I'm sure my mother-in-law was surprised!) I am really looking forward to trying new recipes and experiment with more recipes using the blender. The only problem so far I am having, is convincing people that making home made (NUTRITIOUS!) bread this way is really and truly FUN! They think I'm nuts.

It is so fun to have this connection with you. Thanks so much for making me feel like it is okay to e-mail you with any questions and such re: these machines. It truly adds so much more to the purchase. It's just good to know I can do that, and I really do appreciate it. It makes it not so scary...and much more fun.

             —Char L. Humboldt, IA


Paula Sutton and her husband Robert run their business with integrity. They are friendly, honest, and always accommodate their customers' needs. I really appreciate the knowledge they have about the products they sell. It has been a pleasure being their customer.

             —Regina D. Broken Arrow, OK


Paula Sutton of Paula's Bread is an absolute guru of bread baking and bread baking supplies! Everytime I had a question concerning either, she was such a big help! Placing a Walton order a couple of time a year also help keep our family stocked with the basics. She is a delight to work with!

             —Roxanne B. Skiatook, OK


Homemade - Nutritious - Tasty

This describes the foods you can prepare using the products and equipment from Paula's Bread. We really like ordering wheat for grinding and SAF yeast for baking bread as well as oatmeal, coconut, almonds and raisins for making granola. It is SO nice to have bulk foods on hand when we live out in the "country" like we do! The cookie hooks for the Universal Bosch have been a great addition to the use of our machine. We have a wish list for stainless steel pans and bakeware and look forward to adding to our kitchen equipment. Thanks, Paula, for your integrity and kindness.

             —Cindy A. Big Cabin, OK


There will never be adequate words to express the peace of mind we have when ordering through Paula. She has the expertise and the knowledge to recommend items and products and I know that my family benefits from her service. I am completely pleased with each of the products and appliances I have purchased from her over the years. She is a wealth of information and has proved to be my "go to" resource for any questions. She is a beautiful example of the Proverbs 31 woman of God and as such, I know that I can trust the quality of her products and services.

             —Jayne P. Beggs, OK


I have known Paula for several years, not only through ordering products from Walton, but also in obtaining advice and knowledge regarding products for my Bosch machine and gluten-free cooking for a sister-in-law who is highly gluten intolerant.  I like the fact that she has the products there and takes the time to show me the various items and how to use them.

Paula has always been so willing to provide answers to my questions, either by email or telephone regarding food production or food storage.  Paula has a vast knowledge of food storage and food production and is always so willing to assist others as they strive to obtain this knowledge themselves.  If it is a subject that Paula needs to do a little extra research on, she is more than happy to do that and get back to me with the information I'm seeking.  It is always so enlightening to visit with Paula and learn from her.

Without Paula, myself and friends of mine would have a difficult time obtaining Walton products every six months.  I am very grateful to her that she makes those products so readily available to us. It has truly been a blessing for me.
Paula is so enthusiastic about helping others to obtain a healthier life through the products that we eat and that enthusiasm is very contagious.  Thanks, Paula, for everything you do and all the help you've given me.

             —Tina H, Kiefer, OK

I was privileged to attend one of Paula Sutton's Bosch demonstration. Paula's knowledge and enthusiasm about using the Bosch to make fresh whole wheat bread to enhance my family's nutrition was contagious. She made me feel that I, too, could make all these whole wheat and other healthy foods and enjoy the process. I bought the Bosch and mill and have made whole wheat bread ever since. I am now a missionary in Honduras and brought all my Bosch "tools" and grain with me. Not only is my family provided still with the rich nutrition in freshly ground wheat breads, but I have the opportunity to treat other missionaries as well. Even from here, Paula is still a ready source of advice and counsel. She always has an answer for me or will find out how to get it to me. Her enthusiasm is still alive and going and keeps me enthused.

             —Cheryl K, Honduras


I'd been making bread for a few years when I heard about Paula.  I friend told me she's got the best prices around and it's so convenient to pick up.  The Suttons have even brought a Bosch and mill into town on a day that wasn't on their normal schedule so my mom could get her set before Christmas.  They continue to give us the best price available for the best grains and accessories.  They're a blessing to me and my family,

             —Dee H, Tulsa, OK 


I love ordering from Paula's bread.  I get all my grains and baking supplies from her. Paula always has excellent advice and sells quality products.  I highly recommend Paula's Bread to anyone (and do).

Blessings and Jehovah-Shalom (Jehovah send peace)

             —Kelly H, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


I met Paula Sutton 20 years ago, about the time I was purchasing my Bosch. Since then, I have bought Bosch attachments, other cooking equipment, and Walton orders through her. She has always been prompt, attentive and trustworthy in all business dealings. Additionally, she has given great advice at times when my bread making was going through a "low rising" cycle. I recommend her highly!

             —Cynthia B, Tulsa, Oklahoma


I've been doing business with Paula for 20 years.  I have bought bread machines, mills, and accessories from her.  I'm a mother of a large family.  We daily use our equipment in one capacity or another. Everything has held up very well under our continual use.  If I have ever needed a replacement part, Paula seems to always have it in stock.  This has been such a blessing as we really rely on all the machines we have purchased from her.  I have also done my Walton order through Paula for about the same number of years.  It has been a blessing to be able to buy food in bulk and be able to save money.  I've always been pleased with my orders, merchandise and Paula's friendly, helpful service and I think you
will be too!

             —Lorie D, Inola, OK


I had been making bread for several years and it was very time consuming.  With children and home schooling it had become harder to make bread. Then when attending a workshop I watched bread being made with a Bosch Universal, I couldn't believe it all she did was put to ingredients in the bowl and mix (knead) it in the mixer for 4 minutes then put divide it to 5 loaf pans.  The bread was left to rise and then baked. It was so quick and easy, I knew that is what I needed. I have enjoyed my mixer for several years now and  I will not give it up for any other mixer or bread maker.

             —Tarrie R, Washburn, MO