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Walton Price List (now rainydayfoods.com)

Walton Feed (now Rainy Day Foods) Truck Orders - Available for Tulsa, Oklahoma and Surrounding Oklahoma Area Only.  The truck orders are not a part of the FREE shipping offered for other products on Paula's Bread web site.

Dear Fellow Breadlovers,

We place our Oklahoma order for bulk, food storage and emergency supplies in the spring and fall. Orders due August 31, 2019! The truck will come in some time the end of September/October. The bulk food ordering from Walton Feed (now known as rainydayfoods.com) will benefit all those in close proximity to Tulsa, OK! We order bulk/storage/emergency food every six months. Hopefully, this will bless you and help your budget!

I purchase a truck order from Walton Feed (rainydayfoods.com) to replenish my supply of nitrogen packed buckets of Montana red winter wheat berries and hard white spring wheat berries (also known as Golden 86 wheat) which I have on hand for my local customers. I simply let everyone order with me when I have my truck shipment from Walton Feed (rainydayfoods.com)!

I have current Walton Feed's price list on this page for your convenience. You may order anything Walton (Rainy Day Foods) carries.

There are no minimums or maximum $$ amounts required. I simply need your name/phone number/email address; then, put the skew number, product description, quantity and price on a notebook size paper. There is a 50% down payment with the final payment and freight charge due when the truck arrives. Be sure to budget the freight costs; estimate at least 15-20 cents per pound because of fluctuating gas prices. We will not have an exact freight charge till the truck is contracted. Walton Feed's prices do not reflect freight $$.  I have a form you can download and print to make it easier for you to fill out your order.   Please snail mail me your down payment.

Download the form, print, fill out, and mail to:
Paula's Bread
P. O. Box 763
Skiatook, OK 74070

For those of you wondering who is Walton Feed: I have been ordering from them for  30+ years. We like Walton Feed (now Rainy Day Foods) because it has better prices and quality food. I believe you will be pleased with the Montana wheat berries and it will make excellent bread. For those needing other items (beans, baking goods, storage food, canned food storage goods, grains, etc.), you will be pleased with the prices and quality from Walton Feed (rainydayfoods.com). Buying bulk food and/or adding to your food storage can save you a ton of money! This is also an excellent source for emergency supplies for those local to Oklahoma.

A footnote to the Walton price list: A question oftened asked is what is a SP bucket...

SP= super pail.  The food is put into nitrogen packed Mylar bag; then Mylar bag is put into a nitrogen packed bucket.  This would be better for long term storage purposes.